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The Long Lost Ocean Blues
Release date: Dec 09

Tony's latest album. It is a collection of new tunes and songs that have been tucked away for years because they didn't fit on other albums. Produced by Tony and recorded in Key West, FL and Stoughton, MA, with John Dorizzi playing drums and percussion, Rolando Rojas on lead guitar and Jesse Hanks on bass along with a little help from Dave An on bass and Sam Waite on back vocals

Track Listing:1. Another Hurricane 2. Anchors Away 3. Written in the sky 4. Let's get a wave 5. I'll sleep when I'm dead 6. Strong Desire 7. Build a rocket 8. Judas Goat 9. Home 10. Mezzo Cammin 11. The wake of goodbye

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I Give You the Sky
Release date: July 2008

Recorded in 2007 and 2008 in Key West, FL and Boston, MA and features Sam Waite joining Tony on vocals on many of the songs. Produced by Anthony J. Resta. It features John Dorizzi on drums, Dave An on bass and Michael Smith on lead guitar.

The track listing is:1. Up up up and away 2. Over your head 3. Say my name 4. Love songs and melodies 5. A belated Valentine 6. I am a soldier 7. Kyla's still awake 8. Girl 9. Rise 10. I give you the sky 11. Ain't looking for love

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The Key West Sessions
Release date: May 2007

This album was recorded in two day long sessions in Tony's livingroom. Recorded by Kevin Bowes. It features live versions of some old and new songs- no overdubs- just Tony w/ Yvan Agbo on lead guitar and Sam Waite on vocals with a handful of friends hanging out listening.

Track listing is: 1. Love Songs and Melodies 2. Rise 3. Smokem if you gottem 4. Tito's Blues 5. Love gonna walk out on me 6. Can't find Heaven 7. My Drug 8. Falling Star 9. Love Letter 10. If I could see the light 11. Hallelujah

Release date: Aug 2006

This album was a special edition (only 100 copies made). It consists of home demos recorded by Tony in his apartment across from Fenway Park in Boston in 2004 and 2005. It features Samantha Waite on a handful of songs on vocals and also singer/songwriter, John Cate on vocals on track 2. Mike Smith played lead guitar. Tony played all other instruments on this album.

It is now only available by download.

*the original special edition album had an alternate album cover and also featured versions of The Beatles' Let it Be and Bob Marley's Redemption Song

Track Listing: 1. Bye bye you're forgiven 2. Jesus wrote me a letter 3. Run to Brazil 4. Go you're own way 5. Rebound 6. Smokem if you gottem 7. I believe in you 8. Can't find Heaven 9. Busted town 10. You and me and the rain 11. Outside of Detroit 12. Last call for the American dream 13. A million miles away 14. Rise

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Lost in the Waves
Release date: September 2004

Tony Roberts' first full album with The Saints of San Carlos (John Dorizzi, Dave An and Matt Pynn) and the first recordings with Samantha Waite. It also features Ada Rovatti on saxophone on Track 7
"...this album was recorded over a long cold winter in my apartment on Boylston St. in Boston, MA. The basic rule we used was that there would be no stress involved during the recording sessions and the moment any type of frustration or bad vibes would come then we would leave it for another day."

Track listing: 1. Perfect Little Picture 2. Love Letter 3. I Led her down 4. Paradise Lost 5. Be my Love 6. Elaine, how've you been (w/ No woman no cry intro) 7. Tito's Blues 8. The Sky is falling 9. If I could see the light 10. Everybody Loves you 11. Leave a message 12. Lost in the waves 13. Remember Robinson Carusoe

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Grains of You
Release date: October 2003

This is Tony's first solo album after his band, Mindflow broke up. It was produced by Anthony J. Resta.

The track listing is: 1. Guitar in my hand 2. Girl with the Violin 3. Little things 4. Hip Hop Truck 5. Find San Francisco 6. Push Away 7. Unsaid 8. Happiness in a Cracker Jack Box 9. Start a Fire 10. She's coming down 11. 1000 Letters 12. A Surfer's Love Song (Tidal Wave)