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Chasing The Sun Available September 2016!!

Tony's 13th full length album, Chasing The Sun, will officially be released on September 20, 2016

click the link below for a very in depth review of the album please read the review by Key West writer/radio personality/music aficionado,

Ben Solove:Chasing The Sun Review

Chasing the Sun tracks

1. Let The Haters Hate
2. Hold Out Your Hand
3. Anza Borrego
4. Take Me To The Blue
5. Days Go By (feat. Claire Finley)
6. Little Bird Blues
7. Juke Joint Queen
8. Come On Down
9. She Takes me to Heaven
10. Desdemona
11. Pocket Full Of Nothing
12. Forever & A Day
13. Happily Ever After
14. Chasing The Sun

Bonus Track
15.Rise (live at the Sunday Ramble)

Produced by Ian Shaw
All songs written by Tony Roberts (BMI/Mindflow Music) ©2016

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March 1, 2014
In the Summer of 2014 Tony will be traveling around the United States continuing work on the "Chasing the Sun Project"... which will include a new album, a documentary of the making of the album and a road journal of the journey... This is some of the video footage taken in late 2013 and early 2014... check back for more updates this summer!

February 9, 2013
Love and War... a new song... new video... recorded in Key West and Barbados... just something off the cuff... written and recorded in a few days... then video shot and edited a few days later... just to keep it simple and true as possible... all recorded and shot by Tony.

Sept. 23, 2012

Tony's new album, Siren Songs, will be available October 23, 2012

"siren song

An enticing plea or appeal, especially one that is deceptively alluring and potentially dangerous."

"Siren, in Greek mythology
Siren (sī`rən), in Greek mythology, one of three sea nymphs, usually represented with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. The Sirens inhabited an island surrounded by dangerous rocks. They sang so enchantingly that all who heard were drawn near and shipwrecked. Jason and the Argonauts were saved from them by the music of Orpheus, whose songs were lovelier. Odysseus escaped them by having himself tied securely to a mast and by stopping the ears of his men."

Press release:
Key West Songwriter, Tony Roberts, answers the Siren's call on new album

Key West singer/songwriter, Tony Roberts, announces the release of his latest album, Siren Songs, on October 23. The collection of 14 songs were written in Key West, Barbados and Costa Rica and come from a two year span of loving, living, wandering, surfing, heartbreak and healing. Tapping into his passion for surfing and the ocean, Roberts' acoustic guitar driven beach songs and yearning lyrical love songs have found a world wide audience over the past few years, especially in the surf culture and lifestyle, through commercials and movies using his songs in Europe, Brazil and Japan. Rip Curl used Roberts' "Let's get a wave" (from his Long Lost Ocean Blues cd) in a recent promo vid for their bikinis and Tribu flip flops has also used the song in an ad campaign. Meanwile, Meyerhoffer Surfboards just recently used the lone instrumental track on the Siren Songs album, Pura Vida, in it's latest commercial for their "Tippin Point" design surfboard.

The album features vocals from Samantha Waite (one of which she cowrote and sings lead vocal on) and keyboards from Michael Jude Ward-Bergeman and Steve Panariello (Digital Island Media) on percussion on one track as well.

The graphics for the album feature photographs from Italian surf photographer, Davide Terrusi and sketches drawn by Tony.

Recorded in Roberts apartment in Key West, FL. the songs are simple, melodic and lyrical... following the journey of a relationship from beginning to end and whatever happens after...

The album will be available on iTunes world wide on October 23, 2012 and available for sale in Key West at Roberts shows starting in November with performances scheduled at The Sunset Tiki Bar at the Galleon, Island Dogs Bar and The Rum Barrel.

Check out for show times and ordering info for the Siren Songs cd.

track listing: 1. Siren Song 2. One Perfect Moment 3. Dreams of Gold 4. The Only Thing Missing 5. So High, So Low 6. Come Dance with Me 7. Every Time I Dream 8. The Same Old Stupid Love Song 9. A Damn Cold December 10. Put Away Yesterday 11. Never Saw Love Coming 12. Fly Away 13. Pura Vida 14. She's Gone (ft. Sam Waite on lead vox)

Siren Songs will be available to buy on iTunes (and other online retailers) on October 23, 2012. If you'd like buy an actual cd they will be at shows and available for mail order here:
Siren Songs cd

buy here on iTunes Oct. 23:
Tony Roberts - Siren Songs
check out the first video for the song, The only thing missing below:
May 20, 2012
Tony's new single, Come Dance With Me, now available on iTunes!!
This is a little sneak preview from the new album that is due out at the end of the summer.
Check it out and pass it on:)
October 27, 2011
Tony and Sam Waite will be performing at this year's Surfer's Bay Music Festival in Barbados. The festvial is Nov 24-30 and features some of the great artists and bands from the Carribean, UK and US.

Go to for more info on the festival, tickets and places to stay in Barbados
August 10, 2011
Buy the Welcome to Today DVD/CD (60 min movie and 15 song cd). Just click here

or you can buy or rent the movie from iTunes
June 17, 2011~
Welcome to Today Press Release:

In 2010, Key West, FL based singer-songwriter, Tony Roberts, set sail on a soul-searching journey to Barbados, West Indies, and out of this voyage, "Welcome to Today" was born. This collection of original songs intrinsically represents the love and chaos that exist within the beauty of the islands and how surfing, friendship and music can clear a path to hope.

Upon his return home, while recording the full-length album in his Key West studio, Roberts discovered that the film footage he recorded in Barbados was the perfect backdrop to illustrate the soulful soundtrack that is "Welcome to Today." Weaving together the music and film created a complex emotional tapestry that could not have been achieved separately.

The premiere of the hour-long film is set for July 29 and 30 at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center at 8pm both nights. Tickets are $22.50 and include a copy of the "Welcome to Today" DVD/CD. An after-party will be held on July 30 at 10pm at Island Dogs at 505 Front Street with a live performance by Roberts and his longtime collaborator, Samantha Waite.

Forty percent of all profits from sales of "Welcome to Today" will go to The American Cancer Society, The Lupus Foundation of America, The Bahama Village Music Program and The Welcome to Today Fund (a fund set up by Roberts to support various charities and surf organizations in Barbados). The DVD/CD combo will be available for purchase at Roberts' live shows, online at or and at retail stores throughout the Florida Keys and at surf shops in the United States and Barbados. Ultimately, with distribution in the US and hopefully worldwide, Roberts hopes to keep this as a continued source of funding for these charities and similar artistic projects in the future.  

February 1, 2011-

This video was shot and edited by Nick Welch in November of 2010. The song is called "I'll sleep when I'm dead" from Tony's "The Long Lost Ocean Blues" album and features the amazing slide guitar work of Martin Harley...

Tony and Martin Harley (from the UK) both played the Surfer's Bay Music Festival in Barbados in Nov 2011 and met while surfing at Surfer's Point. The two ended up putting on an impromptu concert for everyone staying at there.

Nick Welch (a producer for the BBC in the UK) and Tony are both currently working on videos inspired by their time in Barbados and at Surfer's Point... this is part of Nick's footage.

For more information please check out:

Tony and Martin will be doing a week of shows together in Key West, FL March 7 to 12 at Island Dogs and Rum Barrel! Please check the gig schedule for more info.


Welcome to 2011!

October 1, 2010-

Listen to a live recording of the entire Tony Roberts Band summer 2010 show at The Narrows Center in Fall River, MA on WMVY radio!

click here to listen
July 13, 2010-

The folks who put on the Key West Songwriter Festival have started The Martha's Vineyard Songwriter Festival in Martha's Vineyard, MA (this year will be the second year of the festival) and they have asked Tony to come up and join some amazing writers in the Northeast. The lineup is diverse and very cool! This is gonna be an amazing weekend so get your tickets now at

They should be updating their website soon with the venues and set times. Go to and we will have all that info up here as well as soon as it is posted. Hope to see you out there!

April 14, 2010-

Tony performing his song, I give you the sky
March 27, 2010-

For the second year in a row Tony has been asked to play for the Key West Songwriter's Festival! This annual festival features top songwriters from Nashville and from around the United States. The festival runs April 28 to May 2, 2010 in Key West, FL.

For more info and for a schedule of all the songwriters performing go to:

March 16, 2010-

a video of The Tony Roberts Band performing Beautiful World at The Rum Barrel in Key West- March 8, 2010
Feb. 16, 2010-

Free Download!!!

Tony's new song, Ding Dong (What's Goin On)- (right click and save) this song is a bit of a deviation from the norm for Tony but still kinda cool... written and recorded Feb. 12, 2010... enjoy:)
Jan. 17, 2010- Check out some of the videos from "The Long Lost Ocean Blues" cd release party
Dec. 16, 2009 -

The Long Lost Ocean Blues is now available! Tony's new album is a collection of new tunes and songs that have been tucked away for years because they didn't fit on other albums. Produced by Tony and recorded in Key West, FL and Stoughton, MA, with John Dorizzi playing drums and percussion, Rolando Rojas on lead guitar and Jesse Hanks on bass along with a little help from Dave An on bass and Sam Waite on back vocals.

In 2009 the New York Yankees used Tony's song Rise as a theme for their Hope Week initiative. It was truly an honor to have Rise associated with the people in these videos and their inspiration! These segments I'm posting up were run on the Yankees on demand channel.
Recently the folks from Yankees sent me a dvd with all the segments and were nice enough to let me post them up... I wanted to share these stories with my friends and fans... please take some time and check them out when you have a chance:)
Click on the Hope Week picture to go to the videos.